Wiper Shaker Dual Motor Kit


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How it works

  1. This winter windshield wiper ice and debris removal unit clamps securely to the existing wiper arm, without blocking the driver’s vision.
  2. The driver presses a button to activate a specially designed weight that spins inside the SHAKER, and that creates the high output vibration.
  3. The vibration causes the winter winshield wiper blade to skip against the windshield – shattering frozen snow and displacing ice.

The Shaker Does Not

  • Impede Vision
  • Put additional wear and tear on wiper mechanisms
  • Take long to install

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Out of stock

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Shaker Safety

Have you ever experienced poor Wiper Blade quality during a Winter Season? Over 97% of people surveyed, said YES they have! Every year, approximately 200,000 vehicle accidents in North America occur during Snow or Sleet conditions – a large number of these resulting in FATALITIES. Let’s face it; if you can’t see clearly out of your windshield, it becomes a MAJOR SAFETY issue.

Of course, we hope you’ve never attempted to clear your wiper blades by rolling down your window & trying to catch the darn thing – while hurtling down the highway. If you have, you’re not alone, despite it being a dangerous (& cold) thing to do during a snowstorm on slippery roads – many people do!

Let the SHAKER help keep you safe this winter.

Additional Information

SHAKER™ utilizes vibration to shatters or dislodge “Trapped” debris (including leaves, twigs and pine needles etc. from under wiper blades in mere seconds!

SHAKER™ also effectively deals with “Conformance” & “A-Pillar Build-up” problems at the early stage. It will even free up a wiper blade frozen in the parked position caused by initial freezing rain or car wash run off.



Freezing Rain

SHAKER™ allows a wiper blade to make much more efficient use of washer fluid. This is made possible because, when activated, the resultant vibrating action causes a moving wiper blade to literally skip across the windshield in ~1″ to 2″ increments (jumping only 1/16″ off the windshield). Because of this skipping action, the blade stays wetter longer, with only a small amount of washer fluid dispensed on the windshield, i.e., more fluid stays on the windshield, thus allowing better penetration into various windshield deposits.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in


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