Shaker Safety

Notice the Streaking Problem as the wiper blade is unable to clear away the trapped frozen debris. Unfortunately, this is only one type of problem that occurs with a wiper blade in winter conditions – there are other problems also!!!!

Have you ever experienced poor Wiper Blade quality during a Winter Season? Over 97% of people surveyed, said YES they have! Every year, approximately 200,000 vehicle accidents in North America occur during Snow or Sleet conditions – a large # of these resulting in FATALITIES. Let’s face it; if you can’t see clearly out of your windshield, it becomes a MAJOR SAFETY issue.

Of course, we hope you’ve never attempted to clear your wiper blades by rolling down your window & trying to catch the darn thing – while hurtling down the highway. If you have, you’re not alone, despite it being a dangerous (& cold) thing to do during a snowstorm on slippery roads – many people do!

Now finally, an affordable new technology improves Wiper Blade performance, in the Worst of winter conditions.

How To Use The SHAKER™ and Safe Winter Driving Professionals:

Before Starting Your Winter Journey:

  1. Ensure You Have Cleaned Your Windshield & Wiper Blade (in good flexible condition) To Be Free Of Ice & Snow (using the SHAKER™ will help maintain that condition while driving during poor winter conditions).
  2. Ensure Your Defroster Is Functioning Properly By It Putting Out Sufficient Heat To The Windshield (you might get a little hot with lots of heat on the windshield, but remember that the SHAKER™ is a wiper blade de-icer, not a windshield de-icer, so keep lots of heat on the windshield at all times). The SHAKER™ works best with a moisture layer between the glass and frozen debris on the wiper blade edge.
  3. Activate The SHAKER™ At The First Sign Of Any Wiper Problem Related To Snow or Freezing Rain (for approximately 5 to 10 seconds at a time). The SHAKER™ Will Function Best While The Wipers Are Actually Moving Across The Windshield. It May Be Beneficial To Apply Some Washer Fluid To Any Wiper Related Problem – The SHAKER™ Will Make Better Use Of The Fluid Applied By The Way.

Non-Professionals, Before Starting Your Winter Journey, Do as above and also consider:

  1. Ensure Your Vehicle Washer Reservoir Is Filled With -40C Washer Fluid.
  2. Use Four (4) Snow Tires – They Make A Big Difference In Winter Driving.
  3. Have An Ice Scraper In Your Vehicle (& use it before you start your journey).
  4. Have An Emergency Kit In Your Vehicle (e.g., blanket, candles, flairs etc.).
  5. Get A Cell Phone.
  6. Drive Appropriately For Any Given Road Condition.
  7. Use Common Sense.

In addition, what about dealing with trapped wiper debris in the warmer months, e.g., leaves, twigs, pine needles etc.? Not to mention, large bug deposits (e.g. Mayflies), bird droppings and mud deposits (wet or dried) on your windshield!

Patented in the U.S. & other countries in the world, Wiper Shaker Technology is the only technology of its kind. This is not an improvement on existing patents – this is the mousetrap for vibrating a wiper assembly. This makes the blade more dynamic. For simplicity sake, in the winter, this technology somewhat simulates (only better) what a driver would normally do by hand, i.e., shake the wiper arm / blade assembly. During warmer months, the vibrating action, which causes the blade to skip across the windshield in ~1″ – 2″ increments (thus displacing any trapped debris), also allows the blade to work more effectively against windshield deposits when used in conjunction with fluid.

Quite simply, it’s simple to install, simple to operate and simple to understand. Like the wiper blade itself, this will prove to be an enduring technology in the automotive sector, i.e., vibrating a wiper arm / blade assembly.