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If you are interested in becoming stocking dealer, please call or email us. We are currently seeking a well established, European based stocking distributor in the Heavy Trucking parts sector – please contact us for further information. Additionally seeking OEM Reps in the US and Canada.

Government / Heavy Trucking Firm Pricing

Please contact Wiper Shaker Technology, Inc. directly to provide SHAKER Wiper De-icer related products to all new and existing clientele/dealers. Please contact us via email at or use the form below for all your quotation and order requests. You can expect a quotation response within 24 hours.

Over 25 Department of Transport (DOT) Snow Plow Fleets rely on the SHAKER Wiper De-icer to help their drivers while on plow runs. The SHAKER assists with visibility and time saving for all drivers, in the worst of winter weather situations.

We look forward to helping all levels of Government improve on winter visibility wiper related issues and reduce the normal down time associated with stopping a vehicle to flick away trapped frozen wiper debris. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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