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Why the SHAKER™?

SHAKER™ utilizes vibration to shatters or dislodge “Trapped” debris (including leaves, twigs and pine needles etc. from under wiper blades in mere seconds!

SHAKER™ also effectively deals with “Conformance” & “A-Pillar Build-up” problems at the early stage. It will even free up a wiper blade frozen in the parked position caused by initial freezing rain or car wash run off.

SHAKER™ allows a wiper blade to make much more efficient use of washer fluid. This is made possible because, when activated, the resultant vibrating action causes a moving wiper blade to literally skip across the windshield in ~1″ to 2″ increments (jumping only 1/16″ off the windshield). Because of this skipping action, the blade stays wetter longer, with only a small amount of washer fluid dispensed on the windshield, i.e., more fluid stays on the windshield, thus allowing better penetration into various windshield deposits.



Freezing Rain

SHAKER™ clamps onto to any type of existing wiper arm that uses a “hook” wiper arm (Pin & Side Adapter available 2009/10) and has the appropriate clearance .

SHAKER™ is a sealed system allowing it to function in any winter environment (e.g., snow, freezing rain, hail etc.).

SHAKER™ only while the unit is vibrating, requires approximately one ampere to operate. Thus, there is no concern of excessive battery drain or a waning alternator system in extreme situations.

SHAKER™ is environmentally friendly and does not require the use of any consumables.

SHAKER™ is activated from inside the vehicle at the push of a button.

SHAKER™ has no comparable competition.

SHAKER™ can become portable when using the cigarette lighter version, should you decide to sell your vehicle.

The SHAKER™ – drivers have been waiting decades for such a simple solution!

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Wiper SHAKER uses vibration to break apart ice build-up on your windshield wipers with the simple push of a button. In addition, the SHAKER can dislodge leaves, twigs and pine needles in seconds!
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The SHAKER™ is manufactured under ISO 9000 guidelines and utilizes only high quality components that will ensure reliable usage. As an example, a high quality motor (e.g., wide temperature range & high MTBF), flame, UV and Ozone resistant rubber, and automotive approved adhesives and corrosion resistant materials such as powder coat and Stainless Steel etc.