Wiper Shaker Breaks Away Built Up Ice

“I have one of my areas using them. …We saved on the transmissions and the one area wanted to expand to all their trucks. Overall I think everyone that has them are very pleased with them.”
Howard Ray, Colorado Department of Transportation
“We installed 3 sets of dual shakers in the winter of 2007, 2 on tandem plow truck’s, 1 on a road foreman’s pickup. The shakers performed excellent and the drivers were pleased with their performance.”
Rick Rinz, Bay Country Road Commission
“When I tried the Shaker for the first time, I was surprised at how well it worked for me. The first snow storm we had this year made me a believer. It shook the ice off the wipers and I never once had to snap the ice off the wipers. I will be installing WiperShaker on the rest of my vehicles.”
Frank Borg
“The result of using the Shakers was positive and beneficial. I have recently ordered enough dual units from Wiper Shaker to outfit our twenty-seven assigned plow trucks.”
Max Schultz, Kosciusko County Highway Department
“Being an Ottawa driver I experience the extremes of winter driving. The Shaker has enabled me to maintain a clear windshield during freezing rain & snow storms. I highly recommend the Shaker to all drivers who value clear driving vision.”
Peter Sims