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The original concept for creating an enhancement to existing wiper blades, by way of vibrating an existing wiper arm / blade assembly, was born a number of years ago. While driving during a winter snowstorm, the inventor attempted to clear frozen debris away from the wiper blade by reaching out the side window and trying to "flick" the moving wiper blade (as many of us have & continue to do). This resulted in a momentary loss of driving concentration (i.e., you can’t be concentrating on driving when you've shifted your attention to a moving wiper blade) - that momentary lapse of concentration, combined with an icy patch of road, resulted in the vehicle veering off to the side of the highway. Once a normal heart rhythm was restored, the light bulb turned on -"why hasn't anyone invented something that can shake this problem away without the dangers?". So he journeyed into his laboratory (basement) to work on a solution and the rest is history.

Wiper Shaker Technology Inc (WST) was formed in 2001 to commercialize this innovative idea and bring the SHAKER™ Wiper De-icer Plus to market. As WST's patents are extremely broad in scope, (covering any form of vibration to a wiper assembly), around the globe, there are no other known technologies that do this. Over the last several years, WST has been steadily increasing its traction in the market place, most of which has been in the Heavy Trucking and Maintenance sector, i.e., "If it's good enough for the pro's...". Along the way, the SHAKER™ has been garnishing great accolades (see our Testimonial section) and overall recognition in the market place. As professional drivers have little or no choice but to drive in poor winter weather, they know the various technologies available and have rated the SHAKER™ at the top of their list when dealing with trapped frozen wiper debris - see the Clear Roads Organization study that placed the SHAKER™ well above other more well known technologies, such as "heat fluid" systems. The SHAKER™ can be used year round, as it simple makes your existing wiper blade more effective.

"The SHAKER™ Helps Make Your Drive More Convenient". This vision is exemplified in the SHAKER™, its add-on accessories & the company’s pending automotive safety technologies.

Wiper Shaker Technology Inc., designs product in-house and then assigns manufacturing duties to qualified ISO firms. This results in cost effective, high quality products that will provide users with many hours of trouble free use.